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Customer Comments

The network issues that we've had for 3 week wasn't going anywhere, our parent company was just guessing on what was going on, and making things worse. Scott was here within 3 hours, Once here he had me explain what we wanted to do, problems we where having, and things we've already tried. He explained everything to us that he was doing, but did it in a way we understood what was going on but didn't feel stupid. Scott was open to any thoughts or ideas we had, Talked to our parent company and explained what was going on here and was able to troubleshoot why we we're having trouble going though them for internet access. He was able to fix all of our problems and in doing so helped me understand our network. I've already recommended All Scott to my friends and will do so in the future. Thanks a lot.

John S
IT Manager

Don mentioned today, out of the blue, that when his network administrator left, he was going to use for a few odds and ends, one of the best decisions he made was to hire us. We have been so responsive and attentive to their needs that he wanted to say thanks for that.